Signed Prints

I am pleased to offer prints of some of my most popular paintings. Each print is personally approved and signed by me and is only available in open editions. Images come in two sizes based on the dimensions of the original work. A large print (up to 22x28) is 150.00 and medium-sized prints (up to 11x13) are 90.00.  If interested in a specific work, please contact me for print information and availability. Prices DO NOT include sales tax (as required) and a $12.00 shipping/handling fee for rolled prints shipped within the US.  Allow three weeks for delivery.  We accept PayPal and most credit cards. 

About Giclee Prints

A giclee print is a high quality reproduction of an original work of art that takes advantage of the latest in digital technology to reproduce an image that is close to perfection.

All my prints start with an extremely high-definition digital image taken direction from the original work of art.  Each image is reviewed and if it meets my exacting standards, it is used to reproduce the image on archival/acid-free paper in archival Epson inks using a state-of-the-art large-format printer.

These images are beautiful, highly detailed, and accurate renditions of all the colors and patterns found in my best work.  I have worked closely with the same small shop and expert printer for over five years on the technique and quality reproduction of these images and closely supervise all stages of the imaging and printing process.

When an image has been printed, I approve and hand-sign each one.  Unless otherwise indicated, all images are available in open-ended editions.

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